Account Insurance Estimator

Use of "Gov Info" Costs You Millions

There is no independent coverage resource to train your employees and estimate coverages, which 1. harms your professionalism, service excellence and depositors' confidence in your institution, 2. significantly increases employee costs, and 3. misses millions in sales opportunities annually.

Graphic with text: For every deposit of money, you don't have your own solution for NCUA or FDIC coverage estimates.

The Profitable Coverage Solution

The Account Insurance Estimator provides all your employees with a comprehensive independent solution to learn about and instantly estimate the 10 most popular coverages for depositors, provide professional and excellent service, and profitably sell all products and services daily, guaranteed

Account Insurance Estimator with text: Solutions for Promotion and Sales, Service Excellence, All Issues Research, Compliance & Audit, Explanations, Training Website Enhancement and Pays for Itself

Used by all employees & departments

Every employee who helps with deposits will use the AIE!

Graphic with text: For every deposit of money, you don't have your own solution for NCUA or FDIC coverage estimates.

The AIE helps with All Your Goals

The AIE helps you with All Your Goals

Train coverage & achieve all goals

Instant coverage service that is easy to train, use and promote and sell everything!

Group training. Text: Easy to train coverage and excellent coverage service!

PREMIUM AIE Enhances Value

The PREMIUM Account Insurance Estimator enhance the value of the CDNG for all your depositors and employees.

Image with text: The features of PREMIUM AIE help your institution make more money annually!

AIE pays for itself annually

The ROI in the AIE far exceeds its price - it more than pays for itself annually in numerous ways!

Image of $100 bill with text: The Account Insurance Estimator helps you make & save a great deal of money and more than pays for itself, guaranteed!

A solution for all employees in one

The “multiple-solution uses” of the AIE for all your employees!

Employee discussing Federal Insurance with customers

AIE Features: Assure Instant Service and Sales Opportunities

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The incredible AIE Estimate Form!

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Graphic showing Account Insurance Estimator form

Three Qs to Confirm the $ Value!

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Image with text: Three quick questions to instantly determine the money making and saving value of the Account Insurance Estimator to your institution NOW!

YES! I want to see a demo of the AIE!

For more information or to see a demonstration of the Account Insurance Estimator, contact us.

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